Car Park Upgrade

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

BEFORE - It was boggy in the wet winter months

The problem of rainwater flooding the car park area has been addressed during the Coronavirus lock down by digging it up and installing a ground reinforced bed of shingle.

Planning consent was obtained with a contractors cost estimate in excess of £10,000!

DURING - Volunteers did a great job over 3 weeks

As the necessary funding was not available for this essential work it was undertaken over a period of 3 weeks by the Village Hall's Trustees supported by a team of volunteers from our local community; making a saving of over £9,000! The cost being only that of the shingle and a great amount of back-breaking manual labour.

AFTER - All ready for when we reopen after lock down.

Massive thanks to all those involved in providing the necessary labour, moral support, refreshments and transport.

A real team effort and a job very well done!


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